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Renny the Dog



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Renny, the star of the Renny Big Screen Readers, came from a rather murky past. Her birthdate is unknown, but she was most likely born early in 2000 of indeterminate parentage.

Renny met Deb in August of 2000, when Deb was still recovering from the December 1999 death of her dog Colette, a half-Chow. Deb had detemined not to get another dog (mostly because of her Chronic Fatigue), but one day in early August, she had a nagging feeling she needed to go to the local shelter.

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The minute Deb saw Renny in the cage, she knew they needed to be together. Renny was young, probably 6-7 months old, but her resemblance to Colette was uncanny. The adoption went through quickly and Renny soon had a new home.

She appears to be quite contented in her home and has never complained, except on a nice day when she begs to go for a walk, or when she sees a bunny outside and wants to chase it. Renny loves doggy junk food (dog biscuits, jerky treats) and will steal the cat food (and sometimes cat litter, ewwwww!) and think she's getting a treat. Her absolute favorites, though, are rawhide chew sticks.

Oddly, she hates squeaky toys and, even though she detests the rain, she'll stand outside in it, looking longingly with her big brown eyes at the back door, instead of going inside her humongous dog house. (Her dog house was a project for a shop class and is sided, shingled, drywalled and insulated like a mini-house.)

Renny had a DNA cheek swipe analyzed once and the report said she had some Chow as a secondary parentage (she does have one big black spot at the back of her tongue), and some Doberman "in the mix" -- but anyone who knows her is totally astonished about the Doberman! Nobody sees it in her. Those were the only main breeds identifiable in her.

Renny Trivia:

  • Renny is short for Renard, because she looked like a little fox when Deb first met her.
  • Renny's paws are 3 all-white and 1 half-white.
  • Renny prefers Pedigree Small Breed dog food (because she thinks she's getting cat food since the pieces are about the same size).
  • Renny weighs between 40-45 pounds, depending on the time of year.
  • Renny loves to play in the snow.
  • When it snows, Renny likes to run to the top of a small hill in the park and lay down and wiggle so she can slide down it.
  • Renny loves to chase squirrels and bunnies.
  • Renny used to be able to climb a tree in the back yard when she would go after the squirrels (the tree had to be cut down, sadly).
  • Three small squirrels mysteriously met their demise somehow within Renny's kennel. Their deaths may never be solved.
  • Renny hates to be left in the back yard by herself but is perfectly content if Deb is out there somewhere.
  • Renny seriously dislikes baths.
  • Renny gets along very well with the two cats, Pinta and Blackee, and often playfully barks at Blackee when he goes through the dog door onto the front porch (Renny's domain!).
  • Renny has a very good nose for scents.
  • Renny doesn't have enough Chow in her to keep her from smelling doggy (Colette did!).
  • Renny thinks Ritz crackers are dog treats.
  • Renny will take that people food from you, but odds are very good she won't really eat it and Deb will step on it somewhere in the dark in the middle of the night.
  • Renny likes to make a stash of rawhide chewies so she always has them when she wants them.
  • Renny knows what days Mondays and Fridays are because she always comes to get her treats right before Deb settles down with the Open Arms chat room.
  • Renny thinks whenever Deb talks out loud at home, she's talking to her.
  • Renny used to have a good friend in Colorado named Kansas, but Kansas passed away in 2010. Renny and Deb both miss him.
  • Renny sheds enough extra fur each year to clothe several hairless Chihuahuas.
  • Renny knows what time the cats are supposed to be fed and reminds Deb of it (because she gets to lick the cat dishes afterwards).
  • Renny is terrified of thunderstorms. (Could have to do with the night she and Deb spent in a tent when a tornado went close by.)
  • Renny doesn't play fetch. Oh, sure, she might go get the stick once, maybe twice if she's in the mood, but that's all. A ball? She'll stand there and let it hit her instead of catch it. Fetch is not her thing.
  • Renny loves to eat shrimp tails.
  • Renny is a bit frustrated when Deb sits at the computer because she can't lie on her feet.
  • Renny likes Read family get togethers because people will sneak her food, and she gets to play with lots of kids and her little dog cousins.


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