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What is a webinar? In the simplest terms, it's a seminar online. Most of our webinars will include audience participation as well so they will have more of a workshop feel.. If you've been to a presentation at a conference, this works much the same way. The presenter can show you anything they have on their computer.

It's my first webinar. Help! It's okay. Everyone is nervous when they use a new technology for the first time. We'd like to make this as easy as possible for you. We've taken some screen shots of what to expect so you'll know ahead of time what will happen when you join one of my webinars. If you are still nervous, we suggest you try one of the freebies the first time to make you more comfortable with the software (there's always at least one freebie every month).

Can the presenter see me? No. You can join our webinars in your jammies if you choose. :o)

Will I see the presenter? No, but we'll make sure we show you a photo so you can have a picture in your mind. We might add a webcam later, but not at this time. It tends to slow some connections down and it's a bit choppy.

Do I have to have a microphone? No, you don't. There is a text chat box where you can type in any questions you might have. If you'd prefer asking your questions verbally, you'll need a microphone for that. You will, however, need speakers or a headset so you can hear the presenter. Some webinars might be more interactive and require microphones but those will clearly state that in the descriptions.

Do I have to use my phone? No, a computer with speakers or a headset is what you will need. There is no phone number audio option with my webinars. (There are some webinar companies that do this, but we will not use this feature.)

Can I view the webinar on my phone? Perhaps. There is a free Android app, and also a free one for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but you'll need to have the newer versions of the OS for it to work well. The app will be found in the app store under Adobe Connect. The apps do not work for recorded webinars, and they have limits at this time on how interactive you can be.

What are the system requirements? You'll need to have the current version of Flash installed on your computer. If you don't have it, you can go here and download it for free. To read more about the participant's system requirements, click here.

Where can I find more information about joining a training session? Here are some screen shots to see what it will look like.

What do I do if I click on the link in the e-mail and can't get into the webinar? Close your browser and open it back up, then try again. If that does not work, try cutting and pasting the URL into your browser instead of clicking on the link. E-mail Deb if it is before the scheduled time for the webinar to start. Here is a troubleshooting page you might want to try to see if there's a specific problem Adobe can see.

What if I can only come for part of the webinar? It's okay to join when you can. Once you are registered for the webinar, you can join at any time while the webinar is in session.

What if I get disconnected during the webinar? Don't worry. Just join it again. You shouldn't have to log in again. Click on the link in the e-mail and it will bring you back in.

Do you ever have to reschedule the webinars? With any technology, there might be a glitch that prevents the presenter from doing that presentation. If so, we'll reschedule so hopefully everyone who originally signed up can make it. Computers and software are great as long as they are working right. :o)

Are you going to make your webinars available online so I can view it if I can't attend? Yes. The beauty of webinars is just this. You can attend and interact live or you can merely view the webinar later at your convenience. The URL for viewing the recorded webinar will be mailed to those who registered.

Will I have access to the handouts given during the webinar if I only view the recording? Yes. The recorded webinar is identical to the live one with respect to materials. You'll be able to download anything from the recording that you could from the live webinar.

Can I get a certificate for attending or viewing one of your webinars? Certainly! Most webinars will have a cerfiticate of attendance available for download at the end of the webinar. If there isn't, just e-mail me if you need one.

Are all of your webinars going to be teaching-oriented? Yes, in the sense that they will all (hopefully) be teaching something. But no, in the sense that they won't all be specifically geared towards teaching a foreign language. We'll be hosting some BIBLE Counseling training webinars for Open Arms Internet Ministry as well as some webinars to train writers.

Could our entire department connect in to a webinar? Yes. There is a limit of 100 individuals using individual computers, but if you are all using only one computer, you can project the webinar so many can participate.

Could you do a webinar series specifically for our school's needs? Yes. Please email me (or call toll-free 1-855-92-CHALK) and we'll discuss the details. With a webcam or microphone on your end, I can interact with the participants in a similar way to a live conference.

Do you make any in-person speaking appearances? Yes. My schedule is limited, but please email me (or call toll-free 1-855-92-CHALK) and we'll see what we can work out.


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